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Quick Facts:  Main Street Tax Credit Incentive Program
Washington State Department of Revenue

This program is highly competitive throughout the State of Washington.  Pledges MUST BE MADE as quickly after midnight on 12/31/2016 or the allotted funds will be gone. 

THIS is how to put your excise tax dollars to work in your own downtown…regardless of where the tax is incurred.  You get to choose where your dollars are invested!

If you decide to participate in this opportunity, here are the very quick facts………

  1. A pledge made at midnight on 12/31/2016 would not need to be funded until late December 2017
  2. The 75% credit that it creates can be taken as early as January 1, 2018.
  3. The sign up process is easily done. I can talk your financial department through it easily
  4. The State has set a limit both in the amount that is available Statewide for this opportunity (1.5 million)and for the amount that our community can shelter forward ($100,000)
  5. Remember, 75% of this is tax you would pay anyway. The remaining 25% can be treated as a charitable donation………an investment in your local community.  VDA is a 501©3 nonprofit.
  6. Vancouver’s Downtown Association is the highest performing downtown organization in the State of Washington with regard to bringing this funding opportunity to bear in our city center. We take this commitment seriously and will invest your dollars carefully.
  7. Here are links to the State’s information:

As you consider this request, if you have questions….or your colleagues have questions, please have them call me.   Lee Rafferty, 360-258-1129 (office)     360-606-4236 cell       email:

Thank you for being a downtown supporter and a big vision thinker.  Because of you, wonderful things are happening in our city center!