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Vancouver’s Downtown Association recently hosted a quarterly meeting that included some great information about the potential for a much-desired downtown grocer. One of our outstanding speakers on the topic was Brian Vanneman, a consultant with the Leland Consulting Group who has been hired by the City of Vancouver to bring the metrics together. What are grocers looking for in our downtown in terms of numbers of residents and their income? What kinds of competition already exist for them as they think about entering the market?

VDA knows that the downtowners are eager to bring this option to our city center. We know that more residents would come if they had the convenience of a walkable/easily accessed grocer. We know that a downtown grocer is vital to the full urban experience. And, we appreciate the grassroots work that has been done by many in our community along with the City of Vancouver to bring this to a reality.

  • Here’s a look at what grassroots support looks like for bringing a grocer to our city center. Want to know more? Contact Heidi Owens, a downtown resident. Heidi and others have been working hard to be the ‘keeper of the story’ and gather information. or
  • Brian has generously shared his slides with us. See what you think!