We are in the process of installing new litter receptacles throughout our downtown core! This effort is in response to feedback received by business owners and the public. Our new standard features graphics referencing Vancouver’s sense of place, Esther Short Park and Grant Street Pier, more iterations to come. ⁣ ⁣Swipe right to see the old standard that we are replacing.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣This effort is a part of our new “clean & safe” initiative, Spruce the Couve, which focuses on lighting improvements, graffiti removal, power washing, and

The City of Vancouver supports businesses and employees during this difficult period. The city is working with economic development partners in Clark County, the Greater Portland region, Washington state, and at the federal level to provide important information to assist businesses and workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. To find the most up-to-date information regarding business and worker assistance, click here. 

WELCOME to the 2020 Vancouver's Downtown Association Van-Tastic Awards Ceremony! 2020 was a year full of unprecedented challenges for our downtown community. During this time, our businesses worked relentlessly to pivot, adapt, and survive through the uncharted territory of a pandemic. Over the last 10 years, the Van-Tastic Award Ceremony has been a celebration of our small businesses and Vancouver’s community-centric values—thank you for attending and being a part of it! This year, the Van-Tastics was condensed into an engaging 8-minute video, available for viewing below. View

Check out our recent graffiti removal efforts on Main St! VDA recently launched a “clean & safe,” initiative, Spruce the Couve, which focuses on lighting improvements, graffiti removal, power washing, community cleanups, and new trash cans throughout the downtown core. This initiative will improve the quality of life of our residents, increase visitor traffic to our small businesses, and create an attractive employment center. Thank you, Casey Evans Media, for capturing this effort!

Check out our recent lighting improvements at 9th & Main and 11th & Main! We recently launched a clean and safe initiative, Spruce the Couve, which focuses on lighting improvements, graffiti removal, power washing, and new trashcans throughout our downtown core. ⁣Spruce the Couve will be a legacy program moving forward for the VDA—these efforts will continue throughout 2021 and onward!⁣ Based on feedback received by business owners and the public, we identified areas for lighting improvements to enhance the perception of safety at night in

Noël Vancouver began with a vision to create a unique and magical Christmas experience in Downtown Vancouver. Due to the circumstances, however, Noël’s intended 2020 launch had to be postponed. Luckily, there is an active display at 9th & Main of what is to come! Noël 2021 will be full of Christmas market festivities including a wide array of vendor booths, traditional market treats and holiday-themed drinks, Christmas caroling, and so much more. Noël 2021 is sure to build holiday cheer and family traditions for

We are excited to announce our final mural installation at 12th & Main in downtown Vancouver, WA! This art piece is located on the south-facing elevator tower wall of the Main Place parking garage. Jane Degenhardt (pictured right) and her copartner, Michele (pictured left), are local Vancouver artists. The mural is a panel installation of an art piece painted by Jane named Bramble. Artist Description: "The title "Bramble" refers to a blackberry bramble I photographed at close range and in the fall, when colors are

Our bike racks have been installed at 12th & Main and 8th & Main! VDA partnered with students at Vancouver School of Arts and Academics on the design. The fish depict native species, and the mountain depicts Mt. Saint Helens pre-eruption. Due to a generous donation by First Pacific Financial, we will be installing an additional 10 throughout our downtown core. Keep your eye out for them! These bike racks are one component in a larger Main Street project which includes a large street mural at 12th

Outdoor Seating App— Looking for a place to patron safely during phased restrictions? VDA partnered with The City of Vancouver to create a live map of businesses with outdoor seating amenities! You are able to narrow down your search by business and seating type to meet your needs. Photos of each location are available as well. Click Here: Desktop App Click Here: Mobile App New Curbside Pickup Locations— The City of Vancouver has installed special curbside pickup signs on many blocks in Downtown Vancouver and Uptown Village. The colorful signs

Our Launchpad winner, Marianne Wilson Stein, is moving quickly to open her new space at 109 W 7th Street in downtown Vancouver. As most of you know, Launchpad was a regional shark-tank-style competition providing a $40,000 community-sponsored grant to a new business locating into our downtown community. Marianne will be opening Dandelion Teahouse & Apothecary, which will feature her specialty tea blends and skincare products. Her business will also host a makers space. Marianne has had great success at the Farmer's Market and looks forward to

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