WORD ON THE STREET:  how to make your business irresistible! In-person & Online

A program for downtown businesses

Vancouver’s Downtown Association is all about helping you be successful!

Here’s another way the VDA is investing in your future.

We know that it’s hard to find the right answers … especially when you might not even know that there are NEW questions you should ask.  Let’s face it – keeping your eye on your bottom line and sales growth matter more to you than staying on top of the latest business trends or learning about high-tech social media dongles or yesterday’s memes.

That’s why we came up with WORD ON THE STREET.

VDA wants to take your unique WORD / PRESENCE / LOOK / IMAGE and fire it up!

It’s time for a business facelift.  Let us help you make your business shine!

How will WORD ON THE STREET help my business?

Most business owners are experts at their business.  But when it comes to the business of branding?  Not so much.  We all know that an attractive storefront and an engaging online presence are key factors in making a business successful.  So the VDA developed WORD ON THE STREET to help its investors increase their business presence, grow their customer base, and to tell their business’ story  in a captivating and more compelling way.

What does WORD ON THE STREET include?

VDA’s unique program offers selected businesses one-on-one consultations with top-notch experts in physical and online marketing.  From these unique and highly-focused consultations, business owners receive creative recommendations and several action items for specific steps to improve their physical and online presence, enhancing growth and adding to their bottom line.

  • One-on-one consultation for visual merchandising and store design

with Seanette Corkill  of Front Door Back

  • One-on-one consultation for online branding and digital marketing

with Michael Perozzo of Zzoom Media

  • Specific recommendations from each consultant on how to improve your business’ physical appearance and online presence

We are heading in to our 3rd year of projects…

Contact Steve Becker at director@vdausa.org to find out how your business can get involved, and check out our prior participants below.

Aevum Images

Beigeblond Salon

Heathen Brewing Feral Public House

Jerusalem Cafe

Loowit Brewing

Lucky Loan Pawnshop

Source Climbing Center

Top Shelf Martinis on Main

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