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iQ Credit Union

iQ Credit Union

CONGRATULATIONS to iQ Credit Union, this year’s Yellow Umbrella Award! The Yellow Umbrella Award recognizes community centric businesses. iQ Credit Union serves its member communities with straightforward financial services for every personal and family milestone

Over the last 11 years, the Van-Tastic Award Ceremony has been a celebration of our small businesses and Vancouver’s community-centric values. We encourage you to check out the full 8-minute program highlighting our downtown community, click here! 

2021 was a year full of recovery, expansion, and resilience. During this time, business owners remained community-centric—strengthening relationships with their neighbors and welcoming back the public. VDA kept the same pledge—to keep our downtown vibrant through creativity and collaboration.

Thank you to our event sponsor, Port of Vancouver USA

Thank you to our video producer, Casey Evans Media

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