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Little Italy’s Trattoria

Little Italy’s Trattoria

Today we are highlighting Little Italy’s Trattoria, a family-owned Italian restaurant with a lengthy menu heavy on classic favorites: pizza & pasta! Owners Jeff and Terese Boyer are celebrating their 25th year in downtown Vancouver—they are both grateful for their loyal customer base, long-time staff, and our community.⁣

What do you enjoy most about operating a restaurant in our downtown core?⁣ ⁣

“Over the years we have been fortunate enough to watch as parents bring in their children and as time passes watch those children grow up and now come with their children. We are not a staff of rapid turnover of servers and cooks that may be a different name and face each time you come in….we are a FAMILY ever growing and expanding with each new guest that arrives.”⁣

⁣How has COVID impacted your business?⁣ ⁣

“We were pretty spooked initially. We signed up for every delivery service…. by week 3, we had incredible support from our regulars….we received phone calls, emails, and excessive tipping. We are speechless by the level of support that we have received. We pivoted to dinner only, and to-go until we run out of food. Everything is made fresh.”⁣

⁣How do you stay positive?⁣

⁣“People paying it forward…one customer called and ordered $500 worth of food and he noted that he didn’t want the food, he just wanted to help, so the food was redirected to essential workers.”⁣

⁣“We are also lucky to have loyalty from our customers, and our great staff. Some of our chefs have been with us for 13 years, and we did not want to lay anyone off. We have a close relationship with them, we owe a lot to them… and the loyalty of our customers.”⁣

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