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Mighty Bowl

Mighty Bowl

Meet Steve Valenta, owner of ​@mightybowl​! Mighty Bowl serves delicious bowls, burritos, salads, fresh juices, and whole food smoothies. –

Steve started Mighty Bowl out of a food truck in 2012 after he overcame health issues by altering his diet to one that features foods like those served at Mighty Bowl. Steve founded Mighty Bowl as a vehicle to improve the health of our community, with the mission centered on improving access to healthy foods. –

In 2017, Mighty Bowl opened a service window, and shortly after, a storefront location on 8th in downtown Vancouver. Mighty Bowl prides itself on being ecofriendly, as seen by their recent initiative to phase out single use plastics. –

Make sure to swing through to Mighty Bowl while in downtown Vancouver to meet Steve and sample his diverse menu which is sure to please all!

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