The VDA is now hiring an Executive Director. The details about the job and how to apply are listed below:

Position:  Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer

Supervisor:  Vancouver’s Downtown Association Board of Directors

Status:  Full-Time/Exempt

Summary:  The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of Vancouver’s Downtown Association (“VDA”).  The Executive Director is a full-time, high profile position within the community and requires creativity, confidentiality, and professionalism.  Candidates should have experience in public/event programming, preferably in areas that address business development, and improved downtown design.  Successful candidates will have organizational management experience, strong writing skills, excellent public speaking skills, and strong organizational, interpersonal, and media relation skills.

Responsibilities:  Responsibilities span the following areas that follow the Main Street Program organization format.

Organization Mission:

Assure that the organization has a long-range strategy that achieves its mission through design, promotion, organization, and economic vitality focuses.

Maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of business, neighbors, city, consumers, and civic groups utilizing the community’s human and economic resources.

Develop, in conjunction with the VDA’s Board of Directors, strategies for downtown economic development.  Become familiar with all persons and groups directly or indirectly involved in the commercial district.

Provide leadership in developing programs and organizational and financial plans with the Board of Directors and carry out plans and policies authorized by the Board of Directors.

Promote active Board of Directors participation by volunteers in all areas of the VDA’s work.

Maintain official records and documents and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Advocate to city, county, and state government entities for VDA.


Fully inform Board of Directors on the condition of the organization and all important factors influencing it.

Promote ongoing public information and awareness of projects and education programs designed to enhance downtown’s assets.

Coordinate the VDA committees’ activities ensuring that communication between committees is well established and assist committees with implementation of work plans.

Manage marketing, including through all social media channels, and maintain current website content.


Lead, supervise, and manage community volunteer leaders.

Be responsible for the VDA’s relationships with professional consultants.

Encourage volunteer development and education and assist program volunteers in relating their specialized work to the total program of the organization.

Budget and Finance:

Be responsible for developing and maintaining sound financial practices.

Work with treasurer and the Executive Committee in preparing a budget; see that the organization operates within budget guidelines.

Work with the Executive Committee to conduct official correspondence of the VDA, and jointly, with designated officers, execute legal documents.

Manage all aspects of the VDA regarding purchasing, record keeping for Main Street data collection, budget development, and bookkeeping.

Prepare all reports required by the Washington State Main Street Program.

Qualifications, Skills, and Experience:

Preference will be given to candidates with a Bachelor of Arts degree in a relevant field with three (3) years’ experience in an appropriately related job.

This position requires confidentiality and professionalism.  Candidates must be entrepreneurial, energetic, imaginative, well organized, and capable of functioning effectively in a very independent situation.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential.  Candidates should also have experience in public/event programming, preferably in areas that address business development and improved downtown design.  Successful candidates will have organizational management experience, excellent public speaking skills, and strong interpersonal and media relation skills.

Salary and Benefits:  Salary $65,000 – $75,000 depending on experience and qualifications; Paid Vacation

Application Guidelines/Contact:  Interested applicants must submit a current resume and a letter of interest.  Applicants must include three references with knowledge of current and past employment performance.  Applications must be emailed to by May 10, 2019 with a subject line of “Executive Director Job Application.”

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