Clean & Safe Program

Spruce the Couve

Vancouver’s Downtown Association is working hard to keep downtown vibrant. We are launching Spruce the Couve, a Clean and Safe Program.

Graffiti removal, power washing, new trash cans, and improved lighting are all examples of tasks that will be completed under this initiative.

This program was launched in November 2020 and will continue as a legacy program—keep your eye on this page and our social media pages for updates!

Lighting Projects

DECEMBER 2020: Based on feedback received by business owners and the public, we identified areas for lighting improvements at 9th & Main and 11th & Main to enhance the perception of safety at night in strategic pedestrian corridors.⁣ Seanette Corkill, with Frontdoor Back, acted as a consultant on this project.


Graffiti Removal

Street Amenities

MARCH 2021: We are in the process of installing new litter receptacles throughout our downtown core! Our new standard features graphics referencing Vancouver’s sense of place, Esther Short Park and Grant Street Pier, more iterations to come. ⁣

⁣Swipe right to see the old standard that we are replacing.⁣⁣

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