Clean & Safe Downtown Clean-&-Safe-Project-Area

Established through a City of Vancouver Community Development Block Grant and in support of Vancouver’s City Center Vision, qualifying businesses and property owners can apply for a cash loan or grant mix for facade improvements and projects to increase visibility into and out of street level space.  Click here for the guidelines.

Note: this project is currently on hold. Watch this space for updates, and click the links below to check out some of our past projects!

808 Main

1014 Main St

Kiggins Theatre

Main Event

113 W 9th St

104 W Evergreen Blvd

1000 Main St

Business Façade Improvement
Projects Priorities for Façade Improvement Improvements will be limited to the portions of the building from the street and sidewalk.

  • Lighting
  • Painting
  • Siding Restoration
  • Windows and doors

All repairs will need to comply with all state and local codes and regulations pertaining to commercial building improvements.

Please note that this work requires adherence to Davis Bacon Wage Rates/Federal Prevailing Wage

Permits for awarded jobs will be the responsibility of the selected contractor.  Contractors will be required to include current Washington State sales tax (currently 8.2%) in their bids.

Light is a mandatory of any project accepted for Clean and Safe Funding. Funds can be used for lighting under awnings, inside display windows and on trees adjacent to the property, or on the storefront itself. Enhancements like these will foster a cleaner and safer downtown community.  Additionally, projects accepted that have adjacent street trees will be asked to cooperate in the lighting of those trees by supplying power.

How Do I Apply? The program is easy to apply for, with minimum red tape.

Program Conditions:

  • The building receiving facade improvements must be located within the project area.
  • The loan to grant ratio is based on a case by case basis and loan terms will be negotiated.
  • Loan amounts will vary but can not exceed $20,000 to a property owner or business owner.

The Following Are Not Eligible:

  • National franchises/ for-profit corporations with multiple locations outside of Vancouver, unless the corporation is headquartered in Vancouver.
  • Buildings outside of the downtown block project area. See project map
  • Government offices and agencies
  • Properties primarily in residential use

To Find Out More:

Contact VDA Executive Director, Steve Becker
811 Main Street, Vancouver, WA 98660
(360) 258-1129

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