Main Street Tax Incentive

Ready to Support your Community?

The Washington State Main Street B&O Tax Credit Incentive Program allows businesses to make a donation to the Vancouver’s Downtown Association and in return, earn a 75% state B&O tax credit on that amount. In addition, the donation is eligible for a federal tax deduction. A powerful way to support your downtown!

Michael Walker, VDA’s Executive Director, is here to help guide you through this process. Please contact him at [email protected]

How to Enroll
Step 1 // Visit the Department of Revenue Website

Visit the WA Department of Revenue website and follow these step by step instructions to make a pledge:

  • Starting January 2023, go to:
  • Log in
  • Click on “Get Started” link
  • Click on your “Excise Tax” account
  • Click “Credits” in the toolbar
  • Click on “Add Main Street Application”
  • Find Vancouver’s Downtown Association and enter the Contribution
    Amount; click next
  • Fill out Authorization Information and click Submit.
Step 2 // Make a Donation!

Step 2: Before November 1, 2023 make a donation to the VDA. You can make the donation online or mail a check to the following address: VDA, 811 Main Street, Vancouver, WA 98660

Step 3 // Check your Account

On January 2024, when you go to pay your B&O online, you will have the credit available in your account. It’s really that simple!

Thank you so much for supporting Vancouver’s Downtown Association!

Additional Information
  • Donate to the VDA and receive a state B&O tax credit of 75% of the donation amount.
  • Receive a federal tax deduction for the remaining 25%.
  • This is a way to direct your tax dollars right back into your community.
  • Pledging for the program starts the second Monday in January.
  • Pledge by March 15th, pledging early is best!
  • Each Main Street city has a cap of $170,940 in donation pledges in Q1.
  • Pledge early but your donation to the VDA can be made as late as November 1.
  • Pledges are made on the Department of Revenue website.
  • The federal tax deduction can be taken in the same year as the donation and the state B&O credit becomes
    available starting January of the following year.
  • Any donation amount works.
  • Credits may not be carried over to subsequent years.
  • Anyone who pays B&O taxes in Washington can contribute to any Main Street Program in Washington (you don’t have to be in downtown Vancouver).
  • This program is unique to Washington and has been a proven economic catalyst for historic Main Street towns since 2006.

*Please note: Interested contributors can confirm the full extent of these tax benefits with their accountant. Want to learn more? Contact [email protected] or call (360) 258-1129.

Our B&O Program Donors

Thank you to all our B&O Program Donors! Your support makes a difference in the vitality of our downtown.

  1. City of Vancouver
  2. Columbia Bank
  3. Divine Consign
  4. Heritage Bank
  5. Johnson Bixby & Associates
  6. Integrated Tax Services
  1. City of Vancouver
  2. Columbia Bank
  3. Divine Consign
  4. Heritage Bank
  5. Johnson Bixby & Associates
  6. Integrated Tax Services
  1. City of Vancouver
  2. Columbia Bank
  3. Heritage Bank
  4. Johnson Bixby & Associates
  5. Integrated Tax Services
  1. Bader Beer and Wine Supply
  2. Biggs Insurance
  3. Divine Consign
  4. City of Vancouver
  5. Columbia Bank
  6. Heritage Bank
  7. Johnson Bixby & Associates
  8. Integrated Tax Services
  9. NW Media Collective
  1. Bader Beer and Wine Supply
  2. Biggs Insurance
  3. City of Vancouver
  4. Columbia Bank
  5. Great Western Malting
  6. Heritage Bank
  7. Integrated Tax Services (Johnson Bixby & Associates)
  8. KMS Financial Services (Johnson Bixby & Associates)
  1. Albina Fuel (for the 9th year)
  2. Bader Beer and Wine Supply
  3. Biggs Insurance
  4. Columbia Bank
  5. Great Western Malting (for a 4th year)
  6. Heritage Bank
  7. Hi-School Pharmacy
  8. KMS Financial Services (Johnson Bixby & Associates)
  1. Albina Fuel (for an eighth year)
  2. Great Western Malting (for a third year)
  3. Pacific Continental Bank (for a fourth year)
  4. Horenstein Law Group, LLC (for a fourth year)
  5. Hurley Development (for the first year)
  6. Atlantic & Pacific Freightways Inc (for the first year)
  7. LSW Architects (for the first year)
  8. The Source Climbing Center (for the first year)
Other Donors
  1. Bank of Clark County
  2. Biggs Insurance
  3. Columbia Cascade
  4. Columbia Machine
  5. Corwin Beverage Co.
  6. Currie-McLain
  7. DSP Architecture
  8. First Independent Bank
  9. Gift Services
  10. International Air Academy
  11. Kiewit Infrastructure West
  12. Miller Nash
  13. Pacific Continental Bank
  14. Pacific Continental Bank
  15. Phoenix Industrial
  16. Riverview Community Bank
  17. RSV Construction Services
  18. Schwabe Williamson and Wyatt
  19. Scott Horenstein Law
  20. The Al Angelo Company
  21. The Columbian
  22. The Holland/Burgerville
  23. The Mekos Corporation


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