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Quick Facts: Main Street Tax Credit Incentive Program

Quick Facts:  Main Street Tax Credit Incentive Program
Washington State Department of Revenue

This program is highly competitive throughout the State of Washington.  Pledges MUST BE MADE as quickly after midnight on 12/31/2016 or the allotted funds will be gone. 

THIS is how to put your excise tax dollars to work in your own downtown…regardless of where the tax is incurred.  You get to choose where your dollars are invested!

If you decide to participate in this opportunity, here are the very quick facts………

  1. A pledge made at midnight on 12/31/2016 would not need to be funded until late December 2017
  2. The 75% credit that it creates can be taken as early as January 1, 2018.
  3. The sign up process is easily done. I can talk your financial department through it easily
  4. The State has set a limit both in the amount that is available Statewide for this opportunity (1.5 million)and for the amount that our community can shelter forward ($100,000)
  5. Remember, 75% of this is tax you would pay anyway. The remaining 25% can be treated as a charitable donation………an investment in your local community.  VDA is a 501©3 nonprofit.
  6. Vancouver’s Downtown Association is the highest performing downtown organization in the State of Washington with regard to bringing this funding opportunity to bear in our city center. We take this commitment seriously and will invest your dollars carefully.
  7. Here are links to the State’s information:

As you consider this request, if you have questions….or your colleagues have questions, please have them call me.   Lee Rafferty, 360-258-1129 (office)     360-606-4236 cell       email:

Thank you for being a downtown supporter and a big vision thinker.  Because of you, wonderful things are happening in our city center!

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VDA Open Quarterly Meeting: Thank you for coming!

This morning we had the opportunity to learn all about one of our most valuable local heritage sites: providence-aerial

President and CEO Mike True of the Fort Vancouver National Trust gave us an excellent lowdown, despite technical difficulties, of the past, present and future of the lovely grounds as well as the entrepreneurial activities within the buildings.

What started as one woman’s humanitarian vision, and virtuosity in art and architecture, has become downtown Vancouver’s most iconic location. It also offers affordable event, arts and businesses spaces.

Check out Mike True’s presentation on the exciting developments happening at the Providence Academy!


Providence Academy Presentation

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VDA’s (Free!) Open Quarterly Preview: The Academy

What’s Up? Who’s There? What’s Happening?

Join us to learn about the Academy, the businesses it houses and Fort Vancouver National Trust’s plans for the future renovation of our historic treasure. President & CEO of the Trust, Mike True, will be there to tell us all about it.

Thursday, October 13 from 7:30-9am in the downtown Hilton’s Heritage Rooms C&D.



We still have room for the October installment of Word on the Street…

In this session, we will review our 2016 participants and learn how to Turn First Steps Into Foot Traffic using social media and storefront/ merchandise design from local experts. Seanette Corkill of Frontdoor Back  and Michael Perozzo of ZZoom Media  are our 2016 panel presenters.

This valuable workshop is free. You will not want to miss it!


Word on the Street Flyer


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WOTS16/ July Quarterly

Word on the Street Flyer


July Quarterly Meeting at

Warehouse 23:

Vancouver is Changing Face….Literally!

And VDA has the scoop.

If you missed it, we had presentations on some of the most exciting up and coming developments in Downtown Vancouver from LSW Architects, Hurley Development and Abbasi Design. The Slo Poks and Couve Cycle showed up to give us a warm welcome. Warehouse 23 and Wager Audio helped to make sure that we were all running smoothly with plenty to eat and drink.

If you missed it, the presentation linked below has some snapshots of the program. 

July Quarterly Presentation

Many Thanks to our sponsor


Besides all of the wonderful events happening downtown, VDA’s next big deal will be the second installment of 2016 Word on the Street……See you there!!!

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Recruitment: Downtown wants you!

As an entrepreneur (or resident or investor…), VDA knows that you have lots of options. You just want to choose a place where your employees and their families will be happy and stimulated. You want to be close to the services you need. You will look for a spot where you will be welcomed, and where you can find your favorite activities close by. Vancouver’s Downtown Association may be a tad bit biased, but we have gathered some of our thoughts about the topic. Take a look. You’ll see why we love it here in Downtown Vancouver, Washington. vda-recruitment

To download download a PDF version, click here

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Why do we love Vancouver, WA?

It’s all about balance.

Great schools, quiet open spaces, and a charming downtown balance with easy access to world class art, entertainment, cuisine and attractions without the stress and expense of big city living.

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