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 Cast Your Vote and Join VDA for the 2015 Game Changer Awards Breakfast!


Join us as we celebrate VDA Game Changer Award winners, projects, volunteers (it’s all about the people, you know) and plans for 2015.  Working together, so much has been accomplished.  And VDA says, “We love what you’ve done with the place!”  Special musical guest will entertain….oh yeah!

As you know, we have been accepting votes to determine who will win VDA’s 2014 Game Changer Awards (here’s the link to the ballot in case you haven’t voted.  Votes will be accepted through December 31): Take Our Brief Survey Here.

VDA will honor the recipients and make announcements of goals for the coming year at our very lively VDA Annual Awards Breakfast on February 12th.  Here’s a link to purchase tickets.  We promise you will be glad you came.  And….we hear that there will be a special musical guest that will make your day/week/month….    Purchase Your Tickets Here Before They’re Gone!

It is good to look at how far our downtown has come and acknowledge the people/places/businesses who have led the charge.

Come join us!

As an entrepreneur (or resident or investor…), VDA knows that you have lots of options. You just want to choose a place where your employees and their families will be happy and stimulated. You want to be close to the services you need. You will look for a spot where you will be welcomed, and where you can find your favorite activities close by. Vancouver’s Downtown Association may be a tad bit biased, but we have gathered some of our thoughts about the topic. Take a look. You’ll see why we love it here in Downtown Vancouver, Washington. vda-recruitment

To download download a PDF version, click here

Why do we love Vancouver, WA?

It’s all about balance.

Great schools, quiet open spaces, and a charming downtown balance with easy access to world class art, entertainment, cuisine and attractions without the stress and expense of big city living.

Want to help your favorite downtown and get a big tax credit at the same time?

Every year, VDA relies on our neighbors and partners for funding support through the Main Street Tax Incentive Program. Thank you Partners- we couldn’t do it without you!!

Learn more about the Main Street Tax Incentive here.

Downtown Game Changers

Vancouver’s Downtown Association Gives Special Kudos to Eight Downtown Game Changers

VDA Awards Breakfast highlights positive change in City Center

Valentine’s Day being the perfect day to celebrate good things happening in the heart of the city, VDA members and supporters gathered this morning at the Hilton Hotel to hear an annual report of projects completed as well as plans for the future. Additionally, eight Game Changer awards were given to winners chosen by public vote in specific categories. Former Mayor Royce Pollard was on hand to help with the announcements and celebration. 

1. Game Changer Award for outstanding façade improvements went to Bill Leigh for his transformation of the Salon Moxie +Angst +Niche +Kiggins Theater spaces. 
2. Game Changer ‘Cash Register Ringer Event’ went to the event at which people said they are most likely to spend money in a downtown business. This went to VDA’s First Friday Artwalk. .
3. Carl Dobbs Award for outstanding VDA volunteer was awarded to Lee Coulthard.
4. Game Changer Downtown Visionary Award was awarded to Jan Oliva for her leadership to get a world class library in our city center.
5. Game Changer Peoples’ Choice for Favorite Event was awarded to the Vancouver Farmers Market.
6. Game Changer Golden Broom Award went to the storefront that is most consistently tidy and well-cared for. Leah Jackson received this for Niche.
7. Albina Fuel Award for outstanding corporate partner was awarded to Columbia Credit Union for supporting our efforts to put LED lights on trees, ridgelines, and on art. 
8. Game Changer favorite new business award went to the Mighty Bowl. 

Additionally, VDA was very pleased to announce that it has developed a way to help downtown hotel visitors and others find the special places that the locals wouldn’t want them to miss!

Table tents have been designed to be placed in hotel rooms as well as other waiting areas in local businesses featuring special QR codes. These pieces will take the user to VDA’s events calendar, downtown walking map, and to several articles that tout the uniqueness and quality of life found in our downtown.

VDA has added a new section to our website to house these materials. has printable options for each of the categories. VDA further plans to submit these articles to various lifestyle publications. Consultant Ron Arp (Amplify!) said, “The job of marketing boils down to ‘see it/say it/sell it’. We could see that there was an exciting story to tell. We now have the product in place that will clearly SAY it. Now, we just have to ‘sell it’. These pieces will be a great way to introduce visitors and natives alike to the ever-growing options in our downtown and why this is such a special place.”

Showing Support for Projects with Promise

VDA takes the position that adding choices for recreation is a good thing for our downtown, its businesses, its hotels and its residents. We believe that choices are good…that they attract employers with interesting employees who want to raise their families in a community that cares about a well-rounded plate of interests.

Downtown Vancouver’s revitalization is gaining momentum. You’re probably asking, “What? How could that happen? We don’t even know yet if and when the national economic recovery will kick in.” >>read more

Our Changing Downtown

The city of Vancouver, Wash., has grand plans to add 1 million square feet of commercial space along its waterfront and essentially create an area similar to the Pearl District over the next 15 years.

But Vancouver’s Downtown Association doesn’t want to see the city’s downtown lost in the shuffle. After spending six months with a consultant, the association now has a plan – and projects – to revitalize the historic district. >>read more

Our Work to Revitalize Downtown

From her Main Street office, Lee Rafferty, executive director of Vancouver’s Downtown Association, looks out on a scene that’s been years in the making.

Shoppers stroll from antique shop to antique shop, pausing to look at displays of local art at galleries along the way. Up the street, crews are transforming an empty block into a rock-climbing gym. After work, Rafferty might see a different crowd heading into the city’s downtown core for a drink or a movie.   >>read more