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Blind Tiger Barber Co.

Blind Tiger Barber Co.

Step into a realm of grooming sophistication at Blind Tiger Barber Co., an urban sanctuary located at 111 W. 9thStreet. Under the visionary helm of owner Quincy Blanchette, this barber shop transcends mere haircuts to deliver an elevated experience. With a fusion of old-world charm and modern aesthetics, Blind Tiger Barber Co. boasts a skilled team that meticulously sculpts hair and refines beards, conjuring personalized works of art.

The ambiance exudes a blend of vintage allure and contemporary vibes, creating an atmosphere where clients feel both pampered and at home. Every visit is a voyage into dapper indulgence, where the mastery of classic barbering meets the aspirations of today’s gentlemen.

Discover more at their website and let Blind Tiger Barber Co. redefine your grooming ritual.

Owner, Quincy Blanchette

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