Located at 1001 Main St, Short & Sweet a delightful haven where every craving finds its perfect match! A beloved bakery and cafe tantalize with a diverse array of indulgent delights. Embark on a flavor adventure with their newest product offering: freshly baked donuts! Featuring exciting varieties like maple bacon and matcha green tea. But the excitement doesn't stop there – Short & Sweet also boasts a selection of boba tea offerings, from classic milk tea to exotic fruit-infused blends. Whether you're in the mood

We are thrilled to welcome Kindred Media Co., as a new brick & mortar business along our Main Street corridor! Vancouver Business Journal—Kindred Media Company founder Shay Smith knows marketing. He spent some time working in the corporate marketing game and often hired agencies for larger projects. After seeing various quirks in agency operations and a consistent lack of pizzazz in the content, he thought about what it would take to create an agency that could handle all marketing needs under one roof. When he

Step into a realm of grooming sophistication at Blind Tiger Barber Co., an urban sanctuary located at 111 W. 9thStreet. Under the visionary helm of owner Quincy Blanchette, this barber shop transcends mere haircuts to deliver an elevated experience. With a fusion of old-world charm and modern aesthetics, Blind Tiger Barber Co. boasts a skilled team that meticulously sculpts hair and refines beards, conjuring personalized works of art. The ambiance exudes a blend of vintage allure and contemporary vibes, creating an atmosphere where clients feel

Flight Form Fitness: Elevating Fitness to New Heights Elevate your fitness journey with Flight Form Fitness, located at 600 Washington Street. Vancouver’s premier destination, where innovation meets inclusivity. Helmed by Owner Diana Alcomendas, this dynamic haven offers a transformative experience for individuals of all fitness levels. Step into the future of fitness with cutting-edge Lagree and EVO2 training on state-of-the-art machines, meticulously designed to challenge and sculpt your body. Defy gravity and limitations through exhilarating AntiGravity classes, unlocking new dimensions of strength and flexibility.Whether you're a

Vancouver Sign Co. celebrates 100 years of being in business! Founded in downtown Vancouver in 1923, VSC has been a staple in the community with major recognizable signs including: Kiggins Theatre, Dick Hannah being the largest sign in Vancouver, Burgerville on Fourth Plain, Steakburger, the first signs for both the Vancouver Chamber and The Columbian and so many more. VSC became innovators in the industry during the switch over from neon signs to LED. Changing to LED allowed customers to cut costs by two-thirds. Electrical

Please give a warm welcome to Civilized Wolf, downtown's leading dog groomer & pet supply store for all canines, kitties and critters in the Couve! Located at 575 W 8th St. "Wellness, safety, education and training are high priorities for the happiness and safety of all our guests. We are passionate about integrated health, built on exercise, nutrition, preventative care, and continued education and training. No breed discrimination here and we welcome all humans. We aim to serve our diverse community which includes a large

Many of us have had that moment in the car on the way home and remember, “Darn, I need pasta to go with the spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight!” On My Way (OMW) Uptown Market offers pantry essentials, craft beers, wines, deli case items and local specialties. OMW Uptown Market is conveniently located in the Arnada neighborhood at 207 E. Mcloughlin Blvd. Owners, Poppy and Will Kitchen, saw a need for a neighborhood market that sells necessities to, “round out your dinner, come in quickly

Please give a warm welcome to Judd and Morgan of Bula Kava House, located at 610 Main Street! Bula Kava House offers a relaxing atmosphere with minimalist decor serving traditional kava drinks, fresh juice, smoothies, & acai bowls. Kava is a shrub grown throughout Oceania that produces a pleasant, calming feeling without the “hangover” effect of alcohol. Mental clarity is retained, with little chance of unwanted side effects. Traditionally, Kava is an integral part of religious and social traditions of island culture. Bula Kava House offers

Northwest Personal Training is celebrating their 22 YEAR anniversary changing lives in Downtown Vancouver, WA! NW Personal Training offers the following services: private training, small group training, cardio training, muscle conditioning, flexibility & mobility conditioning, and nutrition planning. Services: https://nwpersonaltraining.com/services/ Promotions: https://nwpersonaltraining.com/promotions/ Classes: https://nwpersonaltraining.com/services/group-fitness-classes/   #dtvanwa

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