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Emma Bennett

Emma Bennett

The rainy, fall season is upon us which calls for hot chocolate, a good book and a cozy armchair. All of which are within reach in our downtown core. Grab a drink to-go from Rosemary’s Café and head upstairs to Birdhouse Books to indulge in Written Into Reality: The Art of Co-Creating Your Dreams to Life. A book about what more there is to human creative potential, which can be discovered through the highest, truest levels of self-expression.

Local author, Emma Bennett believes core teaching is simple, you can live life reactively or intentionally. With intentional living, you become a co-creator. Co-creation is the alignment of self and the soul to channel focused intent into life, producing results that confirm the unseen energetic reality.

Bennett is a local author and community-centric person. She launched her first self-published project and from there on established a path of creative entrepreneurship. Bennett’s book is available for purchase at Birdhouse Books, Kindred Homestead Supply, Dandelion Teahouse & Apothecary, Wild Fern, Tonsor and Amazon.

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