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NW Personal Training

NW Personal Training

Today we are featuring Sherri McMillan – owner of Northwest Personal Training! Sherri & her staff are celebrating their 20th year anniversary in downtown Vancouver. During this period, Northwest Personal Training has become a staple as a premier fitness studio in downtown. Sherri’s philosophy centers on educating her clients on a 360 approach that centers on a balanced fitness routine of muscle conditioning, cardio, and flexibility. Sherri has a deep sense of community pride and works to partner with nonprofits for the betterment of our region. Fun fact – Sherri moved from Vancouver BC to Vancouver WA, and never looked back!

“To know that we’ve played a small part, directly or indirectly, in helping someone become more healthy and fit and ultimately changing their entire life is about as rewarding as it gets. Our goal is to provide a world-class fitness facility, cutting-edge programming and the support and accountability clients need to help them adopt a more healthy and fit lifestyle.

We are completely passionate about the benefits of regular exercise and believe a consistent regime will positively impact anybody’s life. Our vision is to assist as many clients as possible adhere to an exercise program so that we help create a society that is happy, healthy and fit – mentally, physically and spiritually.”

Interested in making a lifestyle change? Pay a visit to NW Personal Training at 1011 Broadway St, or call 360-574-7292.

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