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Odyssey World International

Odyssey World International

“Your greatest wealth comes from caring for the community,” says Karen Morrison, Executive Director for Odyssey World International (OWI). This nonprofit is based in Vancouver and offers compassionate C.A.R.E.—Community Outreach, Advocacy & Awareness, Resource & Referral and Education & Events.

OWI advocates for social justice and provides services for marginalized community members impacted by poverty in Washington state and abroad. “The Heart of OWI are our volunteers,” Morrison states. Volunteers connect community members needing assistance to a variety of services through referral. For example: Emergency assistance for rent, mental and physical health referrals, food relief and more.

Partnerships with local organizations have been critical in the services OWI provides. Such partnerships through the NAACP, YWCA Clark County, Free Hot Soup Vancouver and many others have provided compassionate care.

If you or somebody you know is in need of services and referrals or to support Odyssey World International, please visit

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