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12th & Main Update: Final Mural Completed!

12th & Main Update: Final Mural Completed!

We are excited to announce our final mural installation at 12th & Main in downtown Vancouver, WA! This art piece is located on the south-facing elevator tower wall of the Main Place parking garage. Jane Degenhardt (pictured right) and her copartner, Michele (pictured left), are local Vancouver artists. The mural is a panel installation of an art piece painted by Jane named Bramble.

Artist Description: “The title “Bramble” refers to a blackberry bramble I photographed at close range and in the fall, when colors are intensified throughout the local landscape. Berries are still clinging to the vine as well as those that have gone to seed, foliage is both green and in varying stages of transformation, thorny, arching branches are intensely magenta. I find this state, where the life cycle is most visually evident, compelling. My work is an exploration of this state, with a worm’s eye view. It allows me (and the viewer) to turn inward, blurring the boundaries between self and environment.”

This mural installation is one component in a larger Main Street project which includes a large street mural at 12th & Main, a new parklet, several parking garage murals, a smaller street mural at 8th & Main, and new bike amenities.

This project is made possible by the support of Vancouver’s Downtown Association and the City of Vancouver’s Culture, Heritage & Arts Program. Thank you to International Graphics & Nameplate, Clark County Mural Society, Menashe Properties, and DC Lending LLC for their partnership on this project!

Stay tuned for additional updates, our videographer Casey Evans Media is working to capture this project which we will be sharing with the public soon!



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