Vancouver’s Downtown Association (VDA), a non-profit organization designed to make great things happen in downtown, is proud to announce 3 ways in which the VDA is going green:

VDA Going Green!

1. A new pedal-powered downtown information tricycle that can provide materials for visitors and residents about where to go and what to do in downtown Vancouver. The bike will move about and be parked in different locations throughout the downtown starting summer 2019. Look for the yellow bike with the VDA logo!
2. A new all-electric, 14 passenger TourVAn that can take visitors and residents to a variety of historic and heritage locations. The van can be rented out for special occasions as well. It will also be available summer 2019. It is going to be bright green and easy to spot!
3. The First Friday hot sheets that are distributed to downtown businesses to inform visitors and residents about where to go and what to see on first Friday, have been transformed into online, downloadable brochures. June 2019 will be the first month that this will go into effect. A digital version of the hotsheets can always be found at the VDA website at<> the week before every first Friday.

“It’s not easy being green,” said Kermit the Frog. But here at the VDA, we think it is necessary as we continue to move into the future!


Vancouver’s Downtown Association has been keeping a watchful eye on coal as a hot topic as it affects our downtown as it travels from the Dakotas through our area and eventually ending up at the Port of Longview.  Here are two letters we have written to explain our point of view.

Vancouver’s Downtown Association urges City Council to be cautious

VDA’s letter to Longview decision makers


Our community is weighing in on a potential new tenant at the Port of Vancouver who would be moving oil produced in the Dakotas on rail to large tanks on the Columbia River.  The oil would then be loaded onto oil tankers and shipped on the Columbia to final destinations.  You can read VDA’s letter below.

Click here to see the VDA board’s letter to decision makers regarding the potential oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver.

Letter to Governor Inslee

Downtown Grocer

Vancouver’s Downtown Association recently hosted a quarterly meeting that included some great information about the potential for a much-desired downtown grocer. One of our outstanding speakers on the topic was Brian Vanneman, a consultant with the Leland Consulting Group who has been hired by the City of Vancouver to bring the metrics together. What are grocers looking for in our downtown in terms of numbers of residents and their income? What kinds of competition already exist for them as they think about entering the market?

VDA knows that the downtowners are eager to bring this option to our city center. We know that more residents would come if they had the convenience of a walkable/easily accessed grocer. We know that a downtown grocer is vital to the full urban experience. And, we appreciate the grassroots work that has been done by many in our community along with the City of Vancouver to bring this to a reality.

  • Here’s a look at what grassroots support looks like for bringing a grocer to our city center. Want to know more? Contact Heidi Owens, a downtown resident. Heidi and others have been working hard to be the ‘keeper of the story’ and gather information. or
  • Brian has generously shared his slides with us. See what you think!

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