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Today we are featuring Kafiex Roasters – Coffee Lab! Located at 720 Esther Street in downtown Vancouver, Kafiex is a specialty coffee shop and roastery founded by Seidy and Matthew Selivanow. With emphasis on diverse coffee brewing methods Kafiex proudly offers certified organic and fair-trade coffee while empowering women and educating the public about the incredible journey of coffee from farm to cup.

How did Kafiex begin? 

“Kafiex is truly a product of our passion. Initially starting as a hobby, we visited farms across the world, getting the best green beans to roast. We shared our product with our friends and began to get inquiries. We started selling publicly at the Farmer’s Market, moved to selling wholesale, and then opened our brick and mortar.”

How has COVID impacted your business?

“We’ve learned a lot. By learning, as a business, and as human beings—we chose to see it in a positive way. We had to make the hard decision to close the shop for a month and a half. Before we closed, we didn’t have a website… but we created one in 3 days. We now also sell products online, launched a related coffee subscription, and began to can cold brew. It has made our business model more resilient. The community has been incredibly supportive.”

Stay tuned… Kafiex is opening a second location at 700 Waterfront Way, Vancouver WA!

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