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Tonsor the ancient word for barber and where services are more than “just a haircut”, rather a unique experience. Owner, Hanif Collins started cutting hair at the young age of 19 and now holds three master licenses. At Tonsor, “we have a system and methodology for training our employees” says, Collins. Based on level of experience, apron colors signify where the Barber is within their expertise and training. Green apron—Apprentice, Gold apron—Professional and Black apron—Master. “All of our barbers are employees of Tonsor versus contractors renting a chair,” stated Collins. This allows Tonsor to offer higher quality control standards than competitors.

Located at 617 Main Street, Collins, “loves being on the corner for exposure and has great surrounding business neighbors.” Collins believes, “business is for the community.” Tonsor hosts a book club once a quarter and an annual chess tournament. Collins’ affinity for books played a large role in the overall inspiration and design of the shop. The signage replicates dictionary font and the interior boast a library wall.

Tonsor offers a wide variety of services and Collins, “plans on creating a shave system for sensitive skin tailored to black men.” In addition, hair-centered retail products will continue to grow. Come see the difference between good and great!




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