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Vancouver Sign Co.

Vancouver Sign Co.

Vancouver Sign Co. celebrates 100 years of being in business! Founded in downtown Vancouver in 1923, VSC has been a staple in the community with major recognizable signs including: Kiggins Theatre, Dick Hannah being the largest sign in Vancouver, Burgerville on Fourth Plain, Steakburger, the first signs for both the Vancouver Chamber and The Columbian and so many more.

VSC became innovators in the industry during the switch over from neon signs to LED. Changing to LED allowed customers to cut costs by two-thirds. Electrical signs need to be licensed and completely custom built by hand.

Operations Manager, Adam Wallis has worked for VSC for over twenty-five years and “loves working with small businesses because of the relationships.” Wallis worked on signage for the first Mr. Maple Donuts shop and has continued providing services through the business’s entire growth and sixth store location opening.

In addition to permitting and design services, VSC offers fabrication, installation, repair, and maintenance. VSC is proud to have provided their customers with experts in all phases of their sign project throughout the last 100 years.



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