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VDA Launches New Grant Program

VDA Launches New Grant Program

πŸ“’Calling all Main Street Businesses from 5th to 15th Street!πŸ“’

The Vancouver Downtown Association is thrilled to introduce the Bricks & Clicks Grant Program to support businesses leading up to the Main Street Promise infrastructure project.

πŸ› οΈ The Bricks & Clicks Grant Program is designed to:

✨ Boost the visibility of small businesses with additional signage.

✨ Beautify our downtown area by improving facades

✨ Empower businesses with resources for e-commerce development & marketing

✨ Support and retain our vibrant local businesses during Main Street reconstruction, starting Q2 2024.

🌐 Priority will be given to businesses directly impacted by construction activities on Main Street from 5th to 15th Street. Secondary priority will be given to constituents outside of the project boundary.

πŸ‘‰ π—›π—Όπ˜„ π˜π—Ό π—”π—½π—½π—Ήπ˜†:

1. Visit our website:

2. Review application packet and requirements

3. Complete the application form

πŸ“† Application Deadline: 2/1/2024

*As a small nonprofit, VDA funds are limited. Funds will be allocated based on demand.

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