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Bula Kava House

Bula Kava House

Please give a warm welcome to Judd and Morgan of Bula Kava House, located at 610 Main Street! Bula Kava House offers a relaxing atmosphere with minimalist decor serving traditional kava drinks, fresh juice, smoothies, & acai bowls.

Kava is a shrub grown throughout Oceania that produces a pleasant, calming feeling without the “hangover” effect of alcohol. Mental clarity is retained, with little chance of unwanted side effects. Traditionally, Kava is an integral part of religious and social traditions of island culture.

Bula Kava House offers the finest fresh kava from the islands of the South Pacific, and they are one of the largest and most trusted online purveyors of kava in the Pacific Northwest, offering kava for individual use and in bulk.

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