Please give a WARM welcome to Pablo, VDA’s Clean & Safe Ambassador! Pablo provides regular litter pickup and graffiti removal throughout downtown. In the last 2 months alone, Pablo has removed 1,600 pounds of litter, 320 pounds of yard debris, and 500 tags (graffiti, stickers, flyers), in addition to filing code compliance requests for items outside of the public right-of-way. In addition to janitorial services, Pablo acts as an ambassador of downtown—being a friendly regular face along the Main Street corridor to direct visitors to points

Vancouver's Downtown Association is proud to partner with Local Boy Tatau to bring a new annual event to Downtown Vancouver—The Great River Arts Festival (GRAF)! In August 2022, Over 15 new murals were added to the downtown core, from 5th - 15th Street. Watch the video below for a highlight of the event! The goal of GRAF is to strengthen unity through diversity by showcasing northwest and world-renowned artists. Curating and growing a visual multicultural historic arts district experience will build and enrich the future through

Many of us have had that moment in the car on the way home and remember, “Darn, I need pasta to go with the spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight!” On My Way (OMW) Uptown Market offers pantry essentials, craft beers, wines, deli case items and local specialties. OMW Uptown Market is conveniently located in the Arnada neighborhood at 207 E. Mcloughlin Blvd. Owners, Poppy and Will Kitchen, saw a need for a neighborhood market that sells necessities to, “round out your dinner, come in quickly

The Columbian—Starting in 2024, the 10 southernmost blocks of Main Street in downtown Vancouver are going to be torn up and rebuilt into a better-looking and better-feeling corridor. Main Street’s face-lift has been in the works since 1993, just four years after Vancouver’s Downtown Association was created in 1989. The project was divided into two phases: one focused on its northern stretch, or Uptown Village, and the other focused on its southern portion. Uptown Village was successfully funded and constructed in 1996, yet the city couldn’t

PROJECT UPDATE—VDA is partnering with Divine Consign Furniture on a facade improvement project in celebration of their building's 100th year anniversary! Located at 904 Main St. Swipe RIGHT for an SNEAK PEEK of the progress we made this week! In honor of this milestone, the building is receiving a fresh coat of paint and elements referencing its history in our downtown core. Stay tuned for more project updates! Effort in partnership with FrontdoorBack, Retail Design & Visual Merchandising, Clark County Historical Museum, Pat Jollota

Vancouver's Downtown Association is proud to partner with Local Boy Tatau to bring the Great River Arts Festival (GRAF) to downtown Vancouver. 15 ARTISTS are currently painting 12+ MURALS to celebrate art, culture, history, and community throughout the downtown core, from 5th-11th Streets. Murals in progress from 8/28-10/10. MURAL ARTISTS & LOCATIONS 1) youcancallmebernie, 6th & Washington 2) sumnersigns, 6th & Broadway (adjacent to Vancouver sign) 3) artbyalexchiu, 6th & Main 4) kotelise, 6th & Washington 5) supermariopaints, 7th & Broadway 6) Manuel, 6th & Broadway 7) brownbear408, 6th & Main alleyway Participating artists will continue

Please give a warm welcome to Judd and Morgan of Bula Kava House, located at 610 Main Street! Bula Kava House offers a relaxing atmosphere with minimalist decor serving traditional kava drinks, fresh juice, smoothies, & acai bowls. Kava is a shrub grown throughout Oceania that produces a pleasant, calming feeling without the “hangover” effect of alcohol. Mental clarity is retained, with little chance of unwanted side effects. Traditionally, Kava is an integral part of religious and social traditions of island culture. Bula Kava House offers

Northwest Personal Training is celebrating their 22 YEAR anniversary changing lives in Downtown Vancouver, WA! NW Personal Training offers the following services: private training, small group training, cardio training, muscle conditioning, flexibility & mobility conditioning, and nutrition planning. Services: Promotions: Classes:   #dtvanwa

Vancouver's Downtown Association partnered with Uptown Village Association  to restore and expand the district’s banner program! We have expanded Uptown Village’s banner program by 60%, spanning along Main St from 16th – 25th. This program helps to promote connectivity between our neighboring districts. The new designs feature Gingko trees, a species that is prevalent along Main St and in adjacent neighborhoods. Gingko trees feature a unique fan-shaped leaves that turn a stunning yellow color in the fall. Thank you to our local designer, Ana The

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