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Public Art: 12+ Murals In-Progress!

Public Art: 12+ Murals In-Progress!

Vancouver’s Downtown Association is proud to partner with Local Boy Tatau to bring the Great River Arts Festival (GRAF) to downtown Vancouver. 15 ARTISTS are currently painting 12+ MURALS to celebrate art, culture, history, and community throughout the downtown core, from 5th-11th Streets. Murals in progress from 8/28-10/10.


1) youcancallmebernie, 6th & Washington

2) sumnersigns, 6th & Broadway (adjacent to Vancouver sign)

3) artbyalexchiu, 6th & Main

4) kotelise, 6th & Washington

5) supermariopaints, 7th & Broadway

6) Manuel, 6th & Broadway

7) brownbear408, 6th & Main alleyway

Participating artists will continue to be showcased throughout the event!

The goal of GRAF is to strengthen unity through diversity by showcasing northwest and world-renowned artists. Curating and growing a visual multicultural historic arts district experience will build and enrich the future through the arts. 2021 was the first year of the event, Local Boy Tatau and related artists won VDA’s coveted HeART of Downtown Award.

Thank you to our video producer for capturing these images, Casey Evans Media

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