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Outdoor Seating App & Curbside Pickup Locations

Outdoor Seating App & Curbside Pickup Locations

Outdoor Seating App—

Looking for a place to patron safely during phased restrictions? VDA partnered with The City of Vancouver to create a live map of businesses with outdoor seating amenities!

You are able to narrow down your search by business and seating type to meet your needs. Photos of each location are available as well.

Click Here: Desktop App

Click Here: Mobile App

New Curbside Pickup Locations—

The City of Vancouver has installed special curbside pickup signs on many blocks in Downtown Vancouver and Uptown Village. The colorful signs are designed to provide a reserved parking space on designated blocks where pickup is needed for adjacent restaurants, coffee shops, cafes or other businesses.

Due to increased numbers of customers picking up items due to pandemic-related restrictions, the free parking spaces help ensure that businesses can more easily serve their patrons.

Businesses can inquire about placing a curbside pickup space on their blocks by contacting the City’s Parking Manager at [email protected].

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