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Spruce the Couve: Lighting Project

Spruce the Couve: Lighting Project

Check out our recent lighting improvements at 9th & Main and 11th & Main!

We recently launched a clean and safe initiative, Spruce the Couve, which focuses on lighting improvements, graffiti removal, power washing, and new trashcans throughout our downtown core. ⁣Spruce the Couve will be a legacy program moving forward for the VDA—these efforts will continue throughout 2021 and onward!⁣

Based on feedback received by business owners and the public, we identified areas for lighting improvements to enhance the perception of safety at night in strategic pedestrian corridors.⁣

Thank you to FrontdoorBack, Retail Design & Visual Merchandising for acting as a consultant on this project, and the City of Vancouver for supporting our efforts.



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