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Sew-Op + Maker Space

Sew-Op + Maker Space

Sew Op and Maker Space founder, Anna Miller, wanted to use sewing workshops to stitch together a resourceful and connected community. Miller had spent four years creating a vision where she could sew with her friends, share skills and teach classes, learning and growing in her craft while helping others do the same. Being in the downtown core furthers the mission of community. The surrounding businesses are “cheerleaders for one another,” Miller commented.

Miller’s favorite store offering is the Open Sew Fridays. Patrons get access to use the store’s equipment and tools, along with the opportunity to visit with other sewists. Open Sew is Assisted or Independent based on the sewists’ need for guidance or help on a project. “Bring your own project and rock out!” says Miller. Sew Op + Maker Space also offers Beginners Classes and those with some experience. Lastly, Mending Mondays—Fix your stuff and keep using it!

HOURS: By Class Schedule Only


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